Why the arc flash is a recognized hazard

Perhaps because the occurrence of an arc flash is pretty severe and consequential it is necessary for the OSHA to legislatively monitor this hazard. Today, business or industrial complex owners who do not comply are in violation of the regulations. When it occurs, the arc flash can be pretty severe. Potentially every thirty minutes an electrically induced injury occurs in the industrial work space. It carries with it potentially damaging results.

Those who are victims of such on site incidents can be blinded. They can also suffer from skin burns. Hearing loss and respiratory problems are not uncommon either. To alleviate or avoid such occurrences, all business owners need to do is cover themselves with the recognized and legislated arc flash hazard analysis inspectorate. Onsite inspections must, by law, be carried out only by certified professionals. They are also in the best position to advise factory owners ahead of time of best practices in regard to housekeeping and risk management.

It must be remembered that the arc flash occurrence is a recognized OSHA hazard. Industrialists and business or property owners need to be reminded of the penalties of failing to adhere to the advised steps to avoid human injuries as a consequence of arc flash occurrences. Qualified and authorized engineering professionals are best positioned to determine the potential amount of energy that can be generated in an arc flash incident.

They can then provide owners or managers, the responsible parties, with the safekeeping information required. The information provided will always be provided in line with the required regulatory compliance. It should go without saying that best business practice will be calling on these professionals on an annual or quarterly basis to carry out the relevant or required inspections.