Why you need to think twice about your next sunscreen

Let us dive straight into the deep end for a change. It’s alright; we’re not going to drown. We’re excellent swimmers and while diving beneath the ocean’s waves, we’re wearing our reef friendly sunscreen too. We learned that this is necessary and there are good reasons why you should too, particularly if you take good care of your own skin, in or out of the water. Most of the time, they say it is a good idea to be wearing UV resistant sunscreen or sun-block.

It is necessary in order to protect our skin. But it becomes pretty immaterial when the sun-block or any other UV-resistant cosmetics we’ve applied is doing great damage to our ocean’s coral reefs. If the coral reefs go, marine life goes too. And when marine life goes, well then, we could start thinking about our last rights. They’re saying the same thing about the earth’s bees. While they are tenacious in their ability to migrate from one region to the next, they are running out of natural, eco-friendly space.

Two of the most harmful ingredients included to your regular sunscreen, soon to be ditched, it is hoped after completing your reading of this note, is BP-2 and oyxbenzone. It is time for all to wizen up. Our simple everyday actions are doing greater harm than we realize. And today, all it takes is a simple change of navigation. We have already left you with one suggestion. Do this now because the bleaching and dying of the oceans’ coral reefs is in crisis mode at this point in time.

It is that easy, you can still take good care of your skin by simply switching to organic alternatives. In more ways than one, no harm is done.